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WELCOME TO Skate This Roller skating Club!

Roller Skating Club was formed in San Diego,California.To bring together a small group of skaters for endless weekends and nights of skating;since then, the basic focus has not changed.

Skate This is a Freestyle dance skating club consisting of quad and inline roller skaters, who roll in rinks and outdoors year round in San Diego. Skate This takes you back to the days of original roller skating, with dancing energy that looks effortless. You'll walk away saying "Those skaters have as much fun skating as we did watching them".

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Adult Night Skate in Escondido is No MORE!!!

Hi everyone,
skaters, ned asked me to send out a little reminder that there won't be any skating tonight at escondido. in fact, there won't be skating, period. the owner is selling the rink. teri sent around an email that a group of skaters will go up to cerritos (skate depot) on august 13, for the thursday adult night skate. the last trip was pretty nice! they usually meet at a mission valley parking lot for car pooling. will send more info when it becomes available. send teri (see cc) and email, if you want to car-pool.

If you Have any more questions or information about the future of Adult night just text Ned at 619 886-4337)
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Brianna Norris one of skate this own!

 We Miss You Dan

Dan Levine

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