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San Diego Mission Bay Park Extensive system of trails and pathways around the world's largest aquatic park. Breathtaking views of Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Favorite of all skaters of all disciplines. Fairly flat terrain throughout the park and for the most part the trails and pathways have good rolling surface. There are some inclines/declines if you decide to go over bridges connecting various parts of Mission Bay.

Skate Dancing on Saturday afternoons just south of the Belmont Park near Roller Coaster;right in front Canes Bar & Grill 3105 Pacific Beach.
The beaches can be crowded on weekends and very crowded in the summer holidays.Open view of the Pacific Ocean for the entire length of the walk way. Ocean Front Walk A five mile loop around a beach view from which you can look out across San Diego clear to the Pacific Ocean. A local favorite for speed skaters as well as recreational skaters. Offers a fairly good rolling surface with a few rolling hills and corners. Vehicles are allowed on a portion of this loop but, for the most part, it is used by pedestrians, bicyclists and skaters. Click to view map.

Skate Dancing on Sunday afternoons behind the Hilton Resort Hotel, San Diego Ocean Front Walk 1775 East Mission Bay Drive, is approximately 15 feet across with two lanes - one for going north and the other going south. It is a shared walkway used by pedestrians, bicycles, skate boarders and skaters. This is a slow paced recreational skate - compliance with the 8 mile per hour speed limit is highly encouraged - take your time and enjoy the view! Click to view map

San Diego Miramar Reservoir Trails, This lake is very popular for bicycling, jogging, walking, rollerblading, and picnicking. Patrons can walk on paved road to the 3.5 mile point and then must turn around and walk back the way they came giving them a 7.0 mile round trip. Access across the dam is prohibited .Vehicular traffic is permitted on this road on fishing days (Saturday through Tuesday - December through September).
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